Breakfast offered by Hotel Katty is served at GOOD FELLAS, a cafeteria located near the hotel, in Via Montebello 73/75.

  • The time for breakfast is from h. 06.30 am h. 11.00 am

  • The italian breakfast is included in the room price and you can have:

    n. 1 choice of: croissant, italian brioche, home made cake (if available) and

    n. 1 choice of : coffee (espresso, « americano », Barley coffee), italian cappuccino or « latte macchiato », water.

    * Each additional item must be paid directly to the cafeteria.

  • With just addicional 7,00 euros per person, you can have a full “american” breakfast, choosing between: Coffee Espresso, American Coffee, Cappuccino, or Milk & Coffee, + Omelette + Toast + Homemade Cake.
  • *** Breakfast is not obligatory. The customer who chooses to book a stay without breakfast service will receive a discount of euros 2,00 per person per night